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Welcome to the neXtep Softwares Wiki

This wiki is meant to provide useful and up to date information on the neXtep Designer product.


Why neXtep ?

We developped neXtep Designer because we needed to tackle the following problematics in our day-to-day work:

  • Database version control
  • Database delivery automation (see Delivering database updates article)
  • Database continuous build
  • Cross-database vendor environments using a single tool

And because database developments deserve free and powerful tools.

Products overview

In this section you will find a quick overview of what is neXtep Designer and how it could help you with your database developments:

Installing neXtep Designer

First of all, you may want to install neXtep Designer on your computer to experiment the product and our tutorials. You will find everything you need here :

Getting started

To get started with neXtep Designer we propose you a series of tutorials which demonstrates some of its features:

On-line flash demos

  • NeXtep Designer Demos : See neXtep designer in action through our Flash demos focused on the IDE key concepts and installation

Technical documentation reference

This section contains detailed documentation regarding some specific features of neXtep Designer: