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NeXtep Open Designer is a powerful multi-vendor / multi-platform open source Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for database developments, focused on automation and productivity. It offers to automate database packaging operations by leveraging a version control engine which tracks any change you make to your database applications. It enables simple and safe deployment of your packaged developments through automatic validation of your database structure before and after deployment. High quality support is available through a worldwide community of users who provide continual testing and feedback.


NeXtep Open Designer IDE is supplemented by two command-line tools (Installer and Command-line Client) which provide simple means to automate deployment of database developments on all environments (development, integration, staging, QA, production, etc.).


NeXtep Open Designer runs on WindowsMac OS and Linux and provides support for a significant number of databases: Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2 and MS SQL Server. The number of supported databases is constantly growing as the community of NeXtep users provides feedback to develop new connectors.


Get your database under version control

NeXtep Open Designer uses a centralized version control repository to track any change you make on your database model, source code (PL/SQL, T-SQL, etc.) and reference data. This repository is a simple database schema that can be automatically deployed to any supported database.


NeXtep versioning mechanism is entity-based: you version tables, indexes, procedures and so on. NeXtep Open Designer leverages this fine-grained version control system to compute change reports between two versions of any database entity and generate SQL scripts that can upgrade your database application from any version to any version.


You may also branch and merge your database developments. If you are familiar with versioning tools such as SVN or GIT, you will quickly feel comfortable with NeXtep Open Designer versioning features.


The centralized version control repository allows a geographically distributed team to work at the same time on the same database application without conflicts, while enabling each developer to see changes committed by the others.

NeXtep Open Designer: Versioning

NeXtep Open Designer: Build Engine


A powerful synchronization engine

NeXtep Open Designer: Comparison Editor


NeXtep Open Designer Synchronization Engine allows you to synchronize your developments with any database in one click. All differences are displayed in a clear report so you can select which change you want to apply to your database.



When working on a shared development database, changes applied to the database by a developer are immediately visible to the rest of the team. When pushing a development work session, one can be sure that all changes have been applied to the development database.



The Synchronization Engine can work in both directions, so you can capture any change made to your database by a third party tool, or reverse engineer an entire existing database application to initialize your version control repository.

NeXtep Open Designer: Synchronization Perspective


Manage your reference data along with your database application


NeXtep Open Designer "Data Sets" is a very powerful feature that allows you to manage your reference data along with your database application. Simply capture your reference data from the database of your choice, and your are ready to edit, synchronize and automatically package and deploy your data.





NeXtep Open Designer lets you query and update your data version using plain SQL. Your data is stored in the version control repository and changes are automatically bundled by the neXtep delivery mechanism which generates appropriate upgrade scripts from the comparison of two data sets versions.

NeXtep Open Designer: Data Set Editor

NeXtep Open Designer: Data Synchronization


Automatic deliveries generation

NeXtep Open Designer: Delivery Build Set

NeXtep Open Designer Build Engine allows you to generate automatically a delivery package that contains all necessary SQL (DDL and DML) scripts to migrate your database application from any version to any version. Once generated, you can review and change the generated scripts, or add any custom SQL script that you deem necessary.


If your database application has been developped in a modular way with several modules maintained by different teams, you can very simply define the dependencies of each module. NeXtep Open Designer Build Engine will then seamlessly use this information to include the dependent modules deliveries to your delivery.


Deliveries can be easily exported to your filesystem so you can send it to your QA or production team. A delivery package is a simple set of plain SQL files with a XML delivery descriptor describing its contents. This descriptor will be read by the NeXtep Installer to deploy your delivery to any database.


Should you need deliveries able to upgrade any existing version of your database application, the NeXtep Universal Delivery can generate a single delivery that will be able to upgrade any existing version, or which will create the whole database structure from scratch.

NeXtep Open Designer: Delivery Dependencies


Robust and safe deployment mechanism

NeXtep Installer is a lightweight Java-based command-line tool that will deploy your database deliveries generated with NeXtep Open Designer to any supported database. To secure your deployments it will track all changes made to your target databases.


Before proceeding with a delivery deployment, NeXtep Installer will manage for you all safety checks by ensuring that all required application components are present in the target database with the expected version, and that the content of this components were not modified after last deployment.


Continuous integration for your database developments

With the rise of agile methodologies, continuous integration has become a widespread practice among software development teams. As a result, delivery frequency has increased significantly, sometimes up to several deliveries a day. But due to the incremental nature of the database deliveries, the database is generally not part of this continuous integration process, because providing the appropriate SQL scripts would be too much work for the team or would be too complex to manage.


NeXtep Command-line Client gives you the ability to integrate your database developments into an existing continuous integration process. Because SQL scripts are generated on-the-fly by NeXtep's SQL Generation engine, nothing is easier than synchronizing your integration database with your latest developments. You can combine the various available tasks to cleanup, recreate a known production state or apply the latest development changes to your integration database. You are then ready to run your application builds and tests. All you need is adding a simple command line to the build script run by your continuous integration server.


A versatile solution for database developments

NeXtep Open Designer is therefore a versatile open source solution that addresses all of an organization's database development needs:

  • Database version control
  • Reverse engineering of existing databases
  • Synchronization of developments with any database
  • Reference data life-cycle management
  • Database deliveries automatic generation
  • Database deliveries deployment with dependency management
  • Physical diagrams graphical modelization
  • SQL client with powerful code assist features
  • Simple SQL queries profiler
  • Continuous integration bot



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