The user community of neXtep Designer is growing fast: thank you!

Here are our gold partners who actively contribute to day to day enhancements of neXtep softwares products. 

Voyages-sncf Technologies

Voyages-sncf Technologies

This company builds many websites for railway tickets distrubtion over Internet (,, white labels, B2B portals,etc.). is the #1 website in France in terms of generated turnaround, welcoming millions of unique users per day.


They have chosen neXtep Softwares to help them to industrialize their database development / deployment processes and to take control of the lifecycle of their components. The growing complexity of their software ecosystem led to this partnership.

They are helping us a lot in making our products better thanks to their important feedbacks & suggestions and to their financial support.
VSC Technologies

TvTrip is an hotel video guide offering the users to choose their hotels from videos, maps, point of interests, user reviews, etc.

It is a fast-growing startup company which needs structure and automation in many technical processes to face the expansion speed.


They have chosen neXtep products to start with a solid base in terms of database deployment automation. Their enthusiasm and their objective feedbacks have contributed a lot to the definition of new features. We are working tightly with them within our Collaborative Opensource program. 


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