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Written by Christophe Fondacci   
Saturday, 11 June 2011 12:07

We are glad to announce that the 1.0.6 Service Release 1 is available for update / download. It contains many improvements and bugfix, mostly regarding the MSSQL Server and PostgreSql support. Here is a complete table of the available bugfixes :

Issue Type Summary
DES-770 Bug Data editor fails to update a double precision negative value and inserts an incorrect value
DES-769 Bug [PostgreSql] SQL generated for datasets does not contain string delimiters for VARCHAR values
DES-768 Bug Dataset could not be synchronized on PostgreSql tables containing unsized VARCHAR columns
DES-767 Bug Reverse synchronization does not refresh the version navigator when finished
DES-766 Bug Switch primary key column "nullable" markers to ERROR level
DES-765 Bug The DB2 native submitter does not work
DES-764 Bug Names not properly escaped in the DDL generated by the generic index SQL generator
DES-763 Improvement [SQL Server] Review the ICpaturer implementation for proper schema name management and robustness
DES-762 Bug Errors logged each time a table is selected in the version navigator
DES-758 Bug [SQL Server] Capture process do not capture anything when no schema is specified
DES-757 Bug [SQL Server] Capture process fails with error when there are no tables
DES-756 Bug [PostgreSQL] The delivery for NeXtep's repository does not work
DES-755 Bug [PostgreSQL] Error when trying to submit a script to a database listening on a port different than default
DES-753 Bug [PostgreSQL] The schema name is not taken into account in the procedures capture query
DES-752 Bug [PostgreSQL] The schema field is not available anymore in the connection configuration settings
DES-750 Bug Repository delivery archive unzipping does not work depending on the zip-compatible tool used to create the archive
DES-746 Bug [DB2] A change of a column default value is not handled in the generated script
DES-745 Bug When changing the comment of a column, an ALTER TABLE is generated for this column
DES-744 Bug [DB2] Columns generic abstract data types are not converted to their vendor specific counterpart
DES-743 Bug Users are not loaded in the users management dialog
DES-443 Bug After a check-out, the status of the element is not refreshed in the version navigator


Now our next target is the 1.0.7 release which will mark a major milestone for neXtep designer usability. End of developments are targetted for end of June, we are currently considering a release date on the free user stream for July, 1st. Certified 1.0.7 release will be available sometime after, during the summer. Stay tune for new announcements.


The neXtep team.

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