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Written by Administrator   
Friday, 18 October 2013 01:33

A few weeks ago we released some great new features in neXtep designer : the ability to generate your database delta scripts for other vendors. That means that from now on you could start your development using your favorite database and finally export to another. This feature is (so far) only accessible through the contextual menu : "Show SQL > For another database vendor".


We think that these days some new development usages are coming : people develop from laptops, they develop at company's offices, then they develop at home or during transportation then they get back to work and need to resync. We need tools that can adapt to those new ways of doing work. You can have a mysql database on your laptop, an Oracle database at work, etc.


You need some more use cases ? Ok, so you start a project and have not yet stated the database that will host your developments ? You have an Oracle database but your company decided to cut-off expenses and switch to MySQL... Or you are developing a platform-neutral product and need to deploy your product everywhere.


Well, to answer all those needs, and the ones that we have not yet thought of, we started this big project : being able to deploy your developments on any database. Of course it has limitations, of course you cannot use stored code or triggers with that kind of developments... but for models using standard functionalities, that works!


It is still experimental, we are waiting for your feedbacks on forums. Our next big move will be to support portable repositories. and it follows the exact same objective : allow you to work everywhere, in teams. We are building remote neXtep repositories that you will be able to connect to. You will also be able to work offline / synchronize back your changes to the repository. This is a huge change for neXtep, we will keep you up to date in the coming months.

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Website unavailability on 16th PDF Print E-mail
Written by Christophe Fondacci   
Saturday, 17 September 2011 09:54

Yesterday we experienced major problems with the server hosting neXtep Softwares website. The motherboard of the web server has been switched by our hoster, causing unavailability of the website & svn during almost the whole day.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience and are pleased to say that everything is back to normal since yesterday evening.


The neXtep team.

1.0.7 release available ! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Christophe Fondacci   
Tuesday, 02 August 2011 18:23

We are pleased to announce that our release 1.0.7 is now publicly available ! Your neXtep IDE will upgrade automatically the next time you start it.


Our development efforts focused on improving the user experience by providing brand new editors for your data model manipulation. Based on the Eclipse Forms UI framework, we built modular editors that will change the way you use the neXtep IDE.


Here are a few snapshots of this new release :

Table editor overview tab
Table editor columns tab
Table editor unique keys tab Table editor foreign keys tab
Table editor index tab Table editor physical properties tab


As usual, many other bugfixes have been included in this major releases. We improved the SQL generators for almost all vendors, always supporting more complex use case. We now support multi-column partitioning, multi column function based indexes, and some other advanced options...


After stabilization of this release, we will concentrate our efforts on 1.0.8 where our main focus will be to increase the level of support for all vendors. As usual, we need your feedbacks on this new release !


Thank you to everyone who contributes to this project !

The neXtep team.

Last Updated on Friday, 05 August 2011 17:47
Upcoming editors in 1.0.7 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Christophe Fondacci   
Monday, 06 June 2011 22:40

We are making good progress on the 1.0.7 release, whose major feature will be a complete new design of database entities editors. Taking advantage of the awesome features of the Eclipse Forms UI framework and with a better understanding of user feedbacks, those new editors aim at making database developments with neXtep designer IDE a lot easier.


Here is what the table editor overview page will look like in 1.0.7 (draft) :


And here is what the column page of the table editor will look like :


Our main focus is to improve usability of the database entities editors and represents a huge step forward for the neXtep platform. If you have any suggestion and feedback about possible improvements regarding editors, this is the right moment to post on the forum to let us know how we could make your life simpler.


The neXtep team.

Last Updated on Monday, 06 June 2011 23:02
1.0.6 SR1 available PDF Print E-mail
Written by Christophe Fondacci   
Saturday, 11 June 2011 12:07

We are glad to announce that the 1.0.6 Service Release 1 is available for update / download. It contains many improvements and bugfix, mostly regarding the MSSQL Server and PostgreSql support. Here is a complete table of the available bugfixes :

Issue Type Summary
DES-770 Bug Data editor fails to update a double precision negative value and inserts an incorrect value
DES-769 Bug [PostgreSql] SQL generated for datasets does not contain string delimiters for VARCHAR values
DES-768 Bug Dataset could not be synchronized on PostgreSql tables containing unsized VARCHAR columns
DES-767 Bug Reverse synchronization does not refresh the version navigator when finished
DES-766 Bug Switch primary key column "nullable" markers to ERROR level
DES-765 Bug The DB2 native submitter does not work
DES-764 Bug Names not properly escaped in the DDL generated by the generic index SQL generator
DES-763 Improvement [SQL Server] Review the ICpaturer implementation for proper schema name management and robustness
DES-762 Bug Errors logged each time a table is selected in the version navigator
DES-758 Bug [SQL Server] Capture process do not capture anything when no schema is specified
DES-757 Bug [SQL Server] Capture process fails with error when there are no tables
DES-756 Bug [PostgreSQL] The delivery for NeXtep's repository does not work
DES-755 Bug [PostgreSQL] Error when trying to submit a script to a database listening on a port different than default
DES-753 Bug [PostgreSQL] The schema name is not taken into account in the procedures capture query
DES-752 Bug [PostgreSQL] The schema field is not available anymore in the connection configuration settings
DES-750 Bug Repository delivery archive unzipping does not work depending on the zip-compatible tool used to create the archive
DES-746 Bug [DB2] A change of a column default value is not handled in the generated script
DES-745 Bug When changing the comment of a column, an ALTER TABLE is generated for this column
DES-744 Bug [DB2] Columns generic abstract data types are not converted to their vendor specific counterpart
DES-743 Bug Users are not loaded in the users management dialog
DES-443 Bug After a check-out, the status of the element is not refreshed in the version navigator


Now our next target is the 1.0.7 release which will mark a major milestone for neXtep designer usability. End of developments are targetted for end of June, we are currently considering a release date on the free user stream for July, 1st. Certified 1.0.7 release will be available sometime after, during the summer. Stay tune for new announcements.


The neXtep team.

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